Flute Racks

All products hand-made in the Ozarks in  solar-powered wood shop.

  Walnut  and oak Thunderbird

Solid walnut and oak
flute display stand005

Solid Oak and walnut
10 flute wall mount rack

Solid Red Oak “Antler” flute stand
holds 3 native american flutes

 Maple and red oak “Antler” flute stand
holds 4 native american flutes
Cherry Twin Bird flute stand
holds one native american flute
 10 Flute Oak ” Cluster” flute stand

 Maple Cluster stand
holds 7 native american flutes

“Antler “Wall mount 6 flute rack
Two flute Antler wall mount
Maple 12 flute rack
5 flute cluster stand
6 flute antler for drones
and 5 flute sway stand
12 flute wall mont rack
8 flute sway